This is a collection of videos produced by Charleston Video Service which don't fit into a specific category.  Some of the videos in this section aren't representative of our professional work, and some are.  Its important to demonstrate how versatile we are as a video production house.

A video we produced for historic Circular Church in downtown Charleston.  This video shows the philosophy of the Church while not seeming like a sales pitch.  Notice the crane and steadicam shots.

This is a teaser video for a burlesque troupe
Producing videos is our artform and passion, and we take pride in our ability to capture beauty.  This is an excellent example of macro filmmaking.

Don't blink when you watch this video.  Charleston County hired us to produce some 6 second videos to be played at Stingrays games on their 'Jumbotron'.

Another SC Stingrays themed recycling video.  Its wasn't easy fitting what we needed into this short a time-frame, but it came out nicely.

This video we shot for a man who was running 1000 miles for Parkinson's research.  Storytelling is just as important as solid videography when it comes to this kind of video.

Charleston Symphony Orchestra is one of our on-going clients.  This video showcases their involvement in the local community.

Its good to give back to the community, and video production is the medium we know best in order to do that.  This video we produced for the Racers for Pacers program.

A video we produced for 'The Sound of Charleston'.