A music video for the very talented Elise Testone.  We shot at high frame rates to achieve the
ultra-slow motion you see in this video.

Sol Driven Train: 'Guest List' from David Keller on Vimeo.

A music video produced for the Charleston area band Sol Driven Train

We do videos for all different genres of music.  This one is for a country artist.

A music video produced entirely by David Keller of Charleston Video Service

Another video shot entirely by David Keller for the artist Julie Slonecki.

Here's an example of capturing a live music performance.  We use multiple cameras, cranes, and
whatever the shoot calls for to achieve a top notch production.

If you're in a band, its an excellent idea to have an electronic press kit, to publicize your act.  This video showcases the band James Justin and Co.  We can effectively capture the essence of your band and present it in an interesting way.

A live performance from the beautiful Jordan Igoe.  Shot at the Charleston Music Hall.